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Perfect hygiene product

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Basic specs.: o 100% made of stainless-steel o Come with large 4L build-in stainless steel tank /2200 pumps with one charge/ o Filling from back door with any container customer prefer. Open the door and pour it in! No screws, no need to remove pump, no need change bottles /no plastic waste/. Refilling takes as fast as you can pour gel out of your bottle. o Stainless steel nozzle protector so the nozzle can't be break and there is simple nothing else what can be broken. o Anti-slippery pedal (with holes so if some gel drops on pedal, it goes thru). During the development, we have followed these 7 steps: 1. Practical and easy to use 2. Durable /against vandalism/, to be sure nothing can be vandalized we added protector also for the nozzle. 3. Weather resistance /suitable for indoor and outdoor/ 4. Easy to service /simple and fast refill/ 5. Environmentally friendly /eliminated plastic bottles waste/ 6. Elegant looking 7. Not expensive Price: 199 EURO /EXW/ Contact details: mobile: +359 88 5858 630
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